Lessee fees

If you disregard Roomii guidelines or violate policies, you may be charged a penalty fee. Roomii may also charge a processing fee for some actions. If you cancel a lease outside of the free cancellation period or fail to be home when we delivered your furniture, Roomii will charge you a cancellation fee. See a summary of lessee fees below and open the links for further details. 

  • Claims processing fee: If you or your lessor files a furniture damage claim and have Roomii handle it, we’ll charge you a claims processing fee. There are no fees if you and your lessor resolve the claim independently.
    • Up to $100 for minor to moderate furniture damage and up to $575 for severe furniture damage, in addition to appraisal costs of up to $75.
  • Cleaning policy violation: Lessee pays to have the furniture cleaned before receiving the furniture and at the end of the lease. A “multiple” cleaning fee can be charged for any combination of cleaning, smoking, and/or pet hair issues.
  • Gray market policy violation: If you make payment outside of Roomii for charges meant to be handled via the platform, we’ll charge you a $150 processing fee plus liquidated damages of $5,500* as per our Terms of service
  • Lease cancelation fee (outside of the free period): If your lease is less than 1 week long, we’ll charge you 50% of one month’s average lease cost + 50% of any delivery fee. If your lease is 2 weeks or longer, we’ll charge you one month’s average lease cost + 50% of any delivery fee.
  • Pet policy violation: If you return a furniture piece with an excessive amount of pet hair, Roomii can charge you a pet cleaning fee of $150*. 
  • No smoking policy violation: Neither you nor your guests may smoke in an environment from furniture listed on Roomii. Penalties range from a $50* fee to removal from the platform.